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As a priority, we source and supply high-quality local produce. This means our customers - and their clients in turn - can eat the freshest, tastiest food with the lowest food miles. 

We believe that this strategy is both the most sustainable environmental approach to the fresh food chain, but also produces the most delicious dishes!


With the experience of five generations, we are specialists in sourcing and suppling fresh produce from the local area and beyond. 

Our historic relationships with local farmers means we can bring you the freshest, finest produce in the area with minimal food miles. ​Often, as the length of the supply chain is so short the vegetables on your customer's plates will have been picked out of the ground in the last 36 hours! 


Our approach is to always supply local crops when in season and we have excellent partnerships with growers and producers in the area, some of whom grow crops for us especially to order.

Our procurement team work tirelessly to source all types of produce from the local area and South West. As the map shows, we have an extensive supplier base just miles from our door.


We readily offer customers advice on seasonal crops, cost-effective produce and can even respond to requests for specialist crops.



Our ever-expanding larder is the first and only stop for any kitchen. We have 1000's of chilled, frozen and ambient products including cheese, fresh bread, ice-cream - all from the local area - and the finest ingredients and dry stores for all modern cooking needs. 

For more information and a product list please visit our product page.  

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