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T's & C's


The placing of an order by a customer shall be deemed acceptance of the following terms in their entirety.



Prices are subject to change on the day of delivery. 


All orders that fall short of £50 will be delivered yet will be subject to a retrospective delivery surcharge. The surcharge for orders below £40 will be £10 and £5 for orders of a value below £50 but above £40. 


Weekly Credit Accounts


Lovejoys require payment within 7 days of goods being received. Lovejoys will send you a statement every Monday and shall expect payment by 5pm. Weekly Credit Accounts have a limit of £1000 per week.

Monthly Credit Accounts


Lovejoys require payment within 45 days of goods being received. Lovejoys will send you a statement at the beginning of the following month and shall expect payment by 5pm on the 14th. 

Remittances received shall be allocated and credited to the account in chronological order.

Lovejoys reserves the right to add interest to overdue payments. 


On receipt of delivery, the customer shall inspect all goods and bear responsibility for all goods including ensuring their immediate use or safe storage in a suitable environment at the appropriate temperature, following any instructions from the manufacturer on the labels.

The customer should notify Lovejoys of any issues relating to the delivery within 24 hours to allow us to address them in reasonable time. 

All goods including frozen products are delivered in chilled vans with the stowage compartments kept at temperatures between 0°C and 8°C. Furthermore, Chilled products are also stored during transport in polypropylene boxes with ice blocks. Most frozen products are stored in the same way with the exception of frozen chips and bulk boxed frozen bread products.


Foreign Bodies in Salads


All baby leaf is cultivated outdoors in open fields, meaning there is always a possibility of naturally occurring foreign bodies such as stones to be present in the fields.

The baby leaf is harvested using mechanical harvesters which are equipped with shaker belts and air bridges which both aid in the removal of any objects. Although there are visual inspections as the leaves are bagged, the leaves are not washed, and minimal handling is in place to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.

Therefore, it is important to note that there is always a chance of the salad still containing naturally occurring foreign bodies once bagged, including soil and stones.

The packaging for the baby leaf does instruct to wash before use. Customers should always take this into account when purchasing the product and review their kitchen’s method of washing the leaves for the best results.

Product Specifications

Whilst we work closely with all of our suppliers and although we have strict controls on which products are purchased and for monitoring the quality and safety of the products we procure, we cannot guarantee the ingredients of any multiple ingredient or pre-packaged product we supply.
We are not a manufacturer and are not responsible for the allergen controls of the products produced by our suppliers or responsible for any changes to the ingredients that a manufacturer might make to a product we supply. All products must be clearly and accurately labelled by the manufacturer which we as a business have no control over, and there is always the reasonable assumption that any labelling on the products supplied to us by the manufacturer is accurate.
As there is a possibility that the ingredients of a product may be changed without notice from the manufacturer, we do not store records of this information i.e. ingredient and allergen data for products, as we cannot guarantee that the information will remain current and accurate for any amount of time. As a small wholesaling business, we do not have the staffing in place to conduct frequent checks on multiple ingredient and pre-packaged products to ensure that all ingredients and allergens have remained the same for each batch supplied.
Therefore, we must remind customers that they should always check the labelling of any multiple ingredient and packaged product purchased to ensure that the product will be suitable for their needs.
If a customer has any queries on any of our products, or if there are any issues with a product purchased, our customer service team is available to help with any enquiries.



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